Volodymyr Makarus


"We want to develop and consolidate a link born in the trenchline. Thanks to this Fountation we'll be able to help many of my fellow countrymen to find a moment of peace or rebuild their lifes. We can assist them here in Poland, but also in Ukraine, thanks to the collaboration with other foundations and other groups of volunteers. It is an important project, highly wanted by all the volunteers, above all of them: Sofia Riccaboni and Leonardo Moliterni, that from the very beginning set themselves available to help us, volunteers of the 'Platform 4'."

Contact: volodymyr@agape.ngo

Leonardo Pietro Moliterni

Vice President

"We are happy, as Italians, to be able to offer one more time a solid contribute to an equally important cause. The people that everyday come to us lost everything and look for help for a period of time or for a new life. Thanks to the many volunteers and Italian friends, now we can help the fleeing Ukrainians in a structure, where they can find shelter for a few hours or days, food, assistance for transfer and accomodation."

Contact: leonardo @agape.ngo

Sofia Riccaboni

General Secretary

"In 2022, standing by and watching is not enough. As a mother, as a woman, I could not sit idly by in front of what I saw. I had to do something. Helping others is something you don't tell, you do. And when they smile at you after a simple hug, even problems that seem insurmountable to us disappear. With the Foundation we help so many mothers and children, the elderly and the disabled. In Poland and Ukraine. The team of volunteers is now a family, including some refugees. Every day we speak Italian, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese. Agape is a place where everyone can feel welcome. A place that gives, and receives, Love."

Contact: sofia@agape.ngo

Food Bank for Refugees

The emergency related to the war in Ukraine has not diminished. Many European states, including Poland, have taken in thousands of refugees. Poland a few million. But slowly the whole aid system is shutting down. Refugees, often elderly people or women with children, find...