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Food Bank for Refugees


The emergency related to the war in Ukraine has not diminished. Many European states, including Poland, have taken in thousands of refugees. Poland a few million. But slowly the whole aid system is shutting down. Refugees, often elderly people or women with children, find themselves unable to find work, often thrown out of their homes because their landlords no longer receive welfare from the state, they don’t know how to pay a rent that is out of reach of their income, even if they perhaps have a husband working a Ukraine. And increasingly they do not know how to put a hot meal on the table.

That’s why we created the Food Bank.

Started on September 1, it has already received 1600 requests from as many families, who can come to the foundation’s headquarters twice a month to pick up a food package. Each package icontains all the basics: milk, flour, sugar, oil, salt, juice for the children, rice, tomato sauce, beans, cereals, pasta. We will also give baby diapers e food for children.

Thanks to the collaboration with Khalsa Aid International, that began in October 2022, we can now provide food to over 700 Ukrainian refugee families per week.

For Donation https://gofund.me/c0261665